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I’ll run away with you

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Resolutions and a Run

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Last year, I had just begun to run… EVER. No, seriously! I was never in track in high school or college, never even jogged… shoot, in fact I even went so far as to WORK for the University just so I could get a teacher’s parking permit and park closer to school so I didn’t have to walk so far!!!

I was one of the last to come in at last year’s Resolution Run at Bill Schupp Park. I knew almost no one there. But that was a promise that I made to myself. It was, after all, a RESOLUTION. I don’t think I’ve ever kept a resolution promise before in my life. They usually get “forgotten” around April of that same year. But this year, I stuck it out. And I returned…

I ran with a person who also is making that same promise to herself. I ran with her this morning to pace her and I admit, I did push her a bit more than I pushed the other beginners that I’ve run with only because I truly believe that she can handle more than others can. She reminds me a lot of myself.

Yes, that’s a good thing.

She finished in 37 minutes.

Not bad for her first 5k! It was her PR. So all this week I’ve witnessed 5 PRs for others. I’m thinking it’s time to make one of my own. What’s stopping me? Why are my legs so heavy now? I don’t understand.

I need to snap out of it. QUICK!

And just when I began to catch myself going into that downward spiral of “oh poor Myssie”, I took a look around the park at all the smiling faces that I got to know over this last year. Many are the same people that were there last year. Everyone has come so very far in their own journeys. And that’s when I remembered… So have I.

So even if I never “snap out of it”, I must remember today and the distance one year makes in my heart. That’s my PR.


8 in the cold

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Hours before the sum comes up, my shoes lace up and I begin my zombie jog along the 2nd street trail with a new troop of beginner runners. I thought back to where I was a year ago and halfway through my run a new girl asks what my interval was and if she can join me. I explain that I run to the beat of the music and reduce pace at alternating light poles (since I tend to swell up when I stop). I saw the look in her face as she realized that if she didn’t run with me, she was on her own. Reluctantly she joined up. Her face was flushed as she tried to keep up so I quietly reduced my speed and tried to keep things positive and told her not to worry about holding me back. I could tell she felt guilty about that. When she told me that this run would be her PR, I think I jumped for joy and told her I wouldn’t leave her. The joy I get from being a part of someone else’s “impossibles” is sublime. I didn’t have to say anything or do anything… She pushed herself to keep up with me and she did it!!!

Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and you’re with people who believe in you.


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I was told today that I was a “beast” in spin class because of all the resistance I put on myself when I cycle. I guess I feel like I have to do so much more to catch up to everyone else that I have no choice but to to challenge myself more and more everyday. The only way I can improve in time to compete this next year is to train with the local elites. And to train with them must mean that I need to quickly advance to their level – a level that took them years to acquire. But I don’t have that time.

My running is hurting now. My speed has declined and my legs feel heavy. A sharp pain hits right when I reach the half mile point along the inside of both ankles up to the inner calves. The pain either subsides or I become numb to it by mile 4. I’m off track and can’t seem to find my mojo again. I’m certain it must be an emotional issue as stress levels have sky rocketed at work and in my marriage. Oh stop! I talked about a taboo subject?? At least I’m honest and you have to admit… running is a very mental sport. Any little mental distraction will impact my time, my body,

Today’s run focused on hill elevation and not speed. Developing strength in my IT band so that it doesn’t snap again is important to me. I think I’m training well but still very impatient with myself.

And not being patient waiting for my bike.



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Last night was my first “Steak Night” with the CyclePATHS. This is a crazy group of adrenaline enthused women who have taken me under their wings to lead me to my goal of a triple crown. We planned, laughed, reviewed plans, laughed some more, rode a pony and laughed even harder. Not much training last night but it gave my abs a laughter workout.

I am genuinely stoked about being surrounded by these women who seem to take on whatever challenge they set their minds to.

I do best when I’m around people like this. Can’t wait!!!


Spark of Inspiration Spreads for the New Year | | CHANNEL 5 NEWS | Breaking News Breaking Stories

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Spark of Inspiration Spreads for the New Year | | CHANNEL 5 NEWS | Breaking News Breaking Stories.

These are my All-Stars! These two are a couple of reasons why I cannot quit. If you surround yourself with positive people like this… nothing is impossible!!!


All Star

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All Star

So I was chosen as December’s Neighborhood All-Star for inspiring others and running for a cure for cancer and bringing about much needed awareness. As odd as it may seem to you at the moment, I have a hard time accepting this. A cure hasn’t been found yet and I haven’t yet completed what I set out to do.  In the pageant world, I’m well know to never say who I think will win because I believe in “Jinxies”. Please God, please, don’t jinx me for this. 

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