A few of my favorite things

With every relationship, there are ups and downs… But sometimes even I doubt that anyone else can fully understand how high our ups are and how low our downs are. However, what I am most proud of is regardless of what is going on underneath the facade, we both know that family always comes first and we always know when we need each other.

So on this Christmas Day, as he lays in a hospital bed away from family and friends, our first Christmas away from each other and just one week after my mile 17 when I wanted to throw in the towel and he drove by me telling me that it wasn’t an option… I think we both realize that Santa gave us a pretty special gift. I hope it never fades… Regardless of what happens.

Michael has reached the age where Christmas is just another day, kinda uncool and is the true meaning of school vacations. But even as awesome as he is, he surprised me with so much support over this difficult holiday. He was always by my side offering help and suggestions. He even helped wrap the gifts for Xander. My poor baby didn’t get much recognition or even a special gift from “Santa” and it didn’t even seem to phase him one bit.

Xander questioned for the first time if Santa is real. So Michael knocked on the window gently but loud enough to make the dogs bark and Grandpa Don yelled out “Ho ho ho!” And when Xander came roaring into the living room, the tree was filled with presents.., all for him! He still believes đŸ™‚

As for my Dad, this was his first Christmas without his one true love. I saw his eyes tear up several times over the night. His voice cracked a few times and he looked up to the stars every chance he got. My parents had a love that fairy tales dream of.

My Christmas wish is for health and happiness. These two things make everything else in my life come together. That is all I want.

These are a few of my favorite things.

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