Hung up

I just hung up my year on a rack that was given to me this week by a friend who thought I was completely nuts for doing this but supported me the entire time. I took a step back and smiled.

Earlier this afternoon, I watched the ironman competition on TV and saw so many signs that seemed to tell me my next step. As insane as that sounds… You gotta admit, it was insane to begin with huh? So, bring it on.

I had put all my eggs in one basket, thinking I would raise all I needed to raise in one event… I was wrong. I will have to refocus my energies on a fundraising campaign these next few months. It’s going to be difficult as I’ve become aware of some obstacles and I also cannot have it interfere with my family and work priorities. But when was the last time you saw me back down from something difficult?

Never Ever Give Up!

It’s Christmas eve’s eve. I plan to run the trails tomorrow morning and “smell some roses”. The rest of the holiday will be all about my boys… And my Daddy.

God Bless us all. I’ll be wishing on that Christmas star. ~much love, Myssie

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