Resolutions and a Run

Last year, I had just begun to run… EVER. No, seriously! I was never in track in high school or college, never even jogged… shoot, in fact I even went so far as to WORK for the University just so I could get a teacher’s parking permit and park closer to school so I didn’t have to walk so far!!!

I was one of the last to come in at last year’s Resolution Run at Bill Schupp Park. I knew almost no one there. But that was a promise that I made to myself. It was, after all, a RESOLUTION. I don’t think I’ve ever kept a resolution promise before in my life. They usually get “forgotten” around April of that same year. But this year, I stuck it out. And I returned…

I ran with a person who also is making that same promise to herself. I ran with her this morning to pace her and I admit, I did push her a bit more than I pushed the other beginners that I’ve run with only because I truly believe that she can handle more than others can. She reminds me a lot of myself.

Yes, that’s a good thing.

She finished in 37 minutes.

Not bad for her first 5k! It was her PR. So all this week I’ve witnessed 5 PRs for others. I’m thinking it’s time to make one of my own. What’s stopping me? Why are my legs so heavy now? I don’t understand.

I need to snap out of it. QUICK!

And just when I began to catch myself going into that downward spiral of “oh poor Myssie”, I took a look around the park at all the smiling faces that I got to know over this last year. Many are the same people that were there last year. Everyone has come so very far in their own journeys. And that’s when I remembered… So have I.

So even if I never “snap out of it”, I must remember today and the distance one year makes in my heart. That’s my PR.


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