For you

This is just a loving reminder for my Ladies who need to hear this today. ❤️

It is ok to love yourself, right now, the way you are. It’s ok to love your body the way it is with surgery, without surgery, with weight loss, and weight gain. It’s ok to love your body and yourself before kids when you have been preyed on by corporate America to feel less than because someone told you that you weren’t “perfect”. It’s ok to feel fearlessly confident and sexy after kids when you’re drowning in chicken nuggets and laundry, and possibly have been living off of baby wipes and dry shampoo to get through the grind. It’s ok to love your laugh lines, your gorgeous maturing body that has more confidence and wisdom than any 20 year old out there. It’s ok to accept limitations from disabilities or health issues, and know you’re still a goddesss. Because you are stunning , right now, with no makeup on or with a full “ beat” face. You don’t need permission to love yourself.

End of Public Service announcement.❤️

Ok – it’s me. I’m the one that needed to hear this today and posting it here so that later when I come back a year from now to re-read my excerpts, I’ll know it’s future me that I’m talking to.

Leave a Reply. I enjoy reading your feedback. Your support fuels me.

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