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From mythunderstandings to Ahas

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“No matter what your circumstances may be at the time, when you set out to achieve something, always begin with the belief that you just might do it. People who succeed at high levels understand  how debilitating thinking “I can’t do it” can be. They understand that the very first step to discovering their potential is trying. You can’t know what you’re really capable of doing until you try and never give up. In fact, many people have said that they believe that failure is not the worst thing in the world. They believe the very worst is not to try at all. It’s been observed that many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

It’s funny, but a person once pointed out to me that “ultimate potential” is a goal-less pursuit. I had to think about it for a bit before realizing it’s true. We can never reach our ultimate potential. There is no goal, no finish line. So focus must be on continual pursuit. Maximizing your potential is simply about trying and trying and never giving up.” – Gary Keller MREA (page 53)

Today, I wanted to give up. Everything. Every single thing. I sat on the floor by my closet, prayed and looked up at the ribbons hanging from the wall. I heard that voice that burns within me. Wiped the tears from my face, grabbed this book to study for Friday’s book club and this is what I see.

Does God ever play like this with you?


Remembering Sissy’s last wish

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It was five years ago that Sissy had her “talk” with me that completely changed my world. Her passing two weeks after that talk fueled my desire to make her last wish come true. But her wish was not for herself. Her wish was for me. It was selfless deeds like that which made her all the more special to me and all who knew her.
Sissy never married. She never had children. She was adopted into our family when she was in her early teens. She hardly spoke of her life when she was a child hinting only of economic hardships, being passed from family to family and being teased in school for being older than all the other children with only the educational level of a 2nd grader. The neglect and bullying took it’s toll on her throughout her life. I think I recognized that early in my life and was the reason why I looked out for her so much. And she did the same for me. It was almost as if I was her child and not just her niece.
Sissy trusted me with her final wishes. While it was very difficult for me to listen to them, I paid attention to every detail and obeyed each one. She did not want me to have her name and details in the Monitor. Her funeral was to be by invitation only, not a public event for just anyone to show up. Her belongings had already been sorted and labeled for those who she wanted to give to. She told me that the rest should be given to people who NEED it. “Don’t give it to (xxx) charity or (xxx) charity because I’ve seen their staff steal the good stuff and garage sale it for their own profit,” she said. I got the biggest kick out of that statement and seeing her get all fired up over it – and yes, I removed the names so that they wouldn’t be offended – because she had previously pledged so much to them in years prior. Coincidentally, the State of Texas had two devastating fires, one in the hill country and one here in McAllen, TX. Both areas had families in need of furnishings, towels, beds, etc. I also identified some local friends and families that needed some help. I told them her wishes and made sure they wouldn’t garage sale the items.
I feel confident that they didn’t and they won’t.
She also told me to not make a “big deal” about her death. She looked at me straight in the eye and shook her finger at me and said sternly, “Everything you do ends up being a grand orchestrated event. I don’t want anyone’s pity.” So for a year, and even now, I have not made a “big deal” about her death. I never posted her name in the Monitor nor details of her funeral. However, I did pledge a race to be run for her. That race was originally the Austin 10/20 race in April. However, my mother passed away the week before that race and I wasn’t able to attend. So, in it’s place, I dedicated the Nike Women’s Marathon in her memory. I have stuck to my promise and posted only “My Sissy” as any reference to her. I’ve never talked in detail about her death but only beamed with pride about her life and what she did for me, what she meant to me and how she made me the runner that I am today.
When I was a young girl, my mother would tightly pull back my hair into pig tails or braids so much that I felt my rubber band crease into my head with a bruise the next morning! I would run across the street to my grandma’s house (where Sissy lived) and she would promptly remove the braids and all the rest of the ruffly pink dressy girly girl stuff I was wearing. Sissy was a very petite woman so she always had a change of clothes that I could easily slip into and go off into an adventure in the back yard with her. We’d climb trees or dig up plants in the alley, When I had my boys, you would think that those shenanigans would come to a stop. Nope! There were several times where I had to yell up into the play gym at McDonald’s for Michael AND Sissy to come down now “or else”! She was a kid at heart who at the drop of a dime on a clear day would take off to the beach and go fishing. She’d return with enough flounder for the entire neighborhood!
Sissy was simply awesome.
These are the memories that I had tucked away these last few months that probably allowed me to lose myself in her last wish for me. She wanted me to run so that I could do something healthy for my life and to manage the stress that she knew was coming into my life. She knew I was naturally competitive and wanted ot make sure that this wasn’t about zooming through to a finish line. This was about enjoying the journey.
I messed up. I forgot about all that.
Over the last few months, I worked very hard on decreasing my time per mile. I worked out a lot and ran every chance I could fit in a few miles in my busy schedule. And one week before her dedicated marathon, I developed an extremely painful kidney infection. It knocked me down flat. One whole week without any exercise. I hardly ate and ran 103 degree fever. I had no business running a marathon much less thinking I could hit my goal I had been training so hard for!
With nothing short of a miracle, medicine made me healthy enough to run the Nike Women’s Marathon. The course was a perfect reflection of my life the previous two years. So many ups and downs, support along the way, seeing things I had never seen before, cold and drizzly yet comforting, refreshing and full of joy throughout the entire way. Certain messages stood out more than the rest. As a big believer in “signs”, I felt like they – Sissy, Momma, Rodney and Donny were all there running right along with me. I knew deep down inside I wasn’t healthy enough to run what I had trained to do so I took advantage of the situation and suddenly remembered that first line on the tree picture Sissy gave me. “Life is not a race – but indeed a journey”
I took a deep breath in and savored it all. I think I officially became a Winter Texan at that point. I took out my camera and snapped pics of Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, towering redwood trees, hills, signs, everything that caught my eye. This is my journey.

Thank you all for being a part of it with me. Thank you all for helping me keep my pledge of helping to find a cure, to fund a cure… not just for my family – but for our world.

The lessons I learned while trying to fulfill Sissy’s wish are lessons that have opened my heart and my eyes forever and are not only designed to help in running or triathlon or cycling. These lessons have helped me in diet, nutrition, friendship, love, marriage, family, self worth, confidence, faith, workplace, goal setting and ultimately, success.

All her life she listened intently to all that I said and all that I didn’t say. It was through her skill of listening that allowed her to truly KNOW the inner me and what I needed to understand for the rest of my life to be as fulfilling as she had hoped it would be. 

Sissy was not a woman of great words. Sissy was a woman of great understanding and it was through listening to those around her, those whom she cared about, that benefitted the most. Thank you my Sissy. I have made it purposeful in my life to listen more and speak less so that I may be more like you and help others in the ways you have blessed me.  


Carrot sticks on Fat Tuesday #allsortsofwrong 

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Getting back on track and liking it.  So it’s national Pizza Day and national pan cake day and it’s Fat Tuesday… And I’m munching on carrot sticks. My inner voice was yelling “YOURE DOING IT ALL WRONG!”

My inner voice – y’all remember her, the sarcastic loud mouth – well, she and I had it out the other morning. Proud to say that I won. 

Also pretty awesome to witness others win over the doubting voice in their heads. A few months ago, a woman whom I hardly know confided in me that she admired what I was doing and asked for my help. Not knowing how I could really help at all, I figured I could offer moral support. We check in on each other frequently to talk about progress and pitfalls – and I’m so happy to report that after numerous pitfalls, something clicked and she’s a pretty awesome badass now!!! I’m so proud of her!!! (Y, I’m talking about YOU!) 

Whatever it is that happens inside of us – I truly believe that it’s different for each of us – but when it happens, it’s nothing short of magical. I hope each of you get to experience it because that fee lining can be implemented into everything you do… And it’s infectious!!! Others feel your vibe and give it to many more. Go on! Try it out!

Two a days have begun so that I can get ready for my travel days where I know I’ll be without the chance of a good workout. 

Unsure yet if the excitement is from challenging my body on my terms and seeing it respond appropriately or if it is from the draft designs that Triflare shared with me!!!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THEM TO ARRIVE!!! I may not be the fastest but I’ll be the most fashionable!!! Yeah!!!! 

Please don’t feed the animals

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Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

As we enter the year of the monkey this coming week (Chinese New Year), I’m reminded of the goofy cartoon that I would religiously watch in the 90’s and embarrassingly sing to my boys as they were growing up the decade later = Ren & Stimpy’s I wanna be a monkey.

I am silly goofy by nature. I get that trait directly from my dad. He’s the bestest goofiest grandpa that ever lived. And I’m quite proud of this trait because it makes me understand that life shouldn’t always be super serious. You should have fun with it and always have a smile and always try to make others smile with you.

So where am I going with this?

Training for Ironman Texas is serious business. But I learned from my mistakes last year that if you take things too seriously, you miss out on the fun. If you have too much fun and just goof around, you miss the point of your training. 

It’s a tricky time as a HIM in training trying to figure this all out on your own. 

I had lunch yesterday with someone who bluntly said,”You’re torn between trying to figure out if you belong with the competitive athletes or the ones who just have fun with it.” He said,”I think you can be with one or the other but you have to choose one.”

I didn’t understand that. I’ve always been the person that when given an “or” question, I always answer with an “and”. I don’t see why I can’t be a part of both groups. 

After reflecting on it a bit more and slept on it, I see it a bit clearly. Most people really are OR people of limiting beliefs and don’t think the way that I do. In this rare case, I may have to conform and break my rule to myself and choose just one way.

“Perception is important. If you don’t look like a triathlete, no one will take you seriously,” he said. 

I do believe in perception and fully understand its power. How I wish I could change it but the likelihood of that happening is pretty much zilch. 

So, in the mean time, don’t feed this monkey. She’s on a quest to look serious. 

And in the meantime, don’t feed the other monkeys. I’m having another issue with their circus antics again. It hurts. They hurt. And that’s exactly what they want to do… So I just need to find a way to stay away from that circus. 

Training on my own is difficult. Good thing I ran into that sign from God. He always puts me in front of those people who keep me on track with my journey. 

Thanks Big Guy! I like your style.

So speaking of style… Triflare designed a new sun star Capri runningTriflare pant that I adore… And guess who’s birthday is coming up?!?!  I’ve had a blast getting to know all my new Triflare tribe team members. What a phenomenal group of inspiring women!!! Honestly, I cannot wait to meet them! What an adventure this has been!!! Whodathought?!?!


Mistakes with purpose

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What if 

What if all those mistakes

All those bad decisions

All those missed opportunities

All those regrets

All those short lived fleeting moments

All those dreaded times

All brought you to this one place, one time, to make it all right for you, for everyone, just like you were always supposed to do.

Mistakes are NOT failure. Everything done and not done has taken us to where we are all supposed to be to get us further to where we should be.

This took me a while to realize.


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