From mythunderstandings to Ahas

“No matter what your circumstances may be at the time, when you set out to achieve something, always begin with the belief that you just might do it. People who succeed at high levels understand  how debilitating thinking “I can’t do it” can be. They understand that the very first step to discovering their potential is trying. You can’t know what you’re really capable of doing until you try and never give up. In fact, many people have said that they believe that failure is not the worst thing in the world. They believe the very worst is not to try at all. It’s been observed that many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

It’s funny, but a person once pointed out to me that “ultimate potential” is a goal-less pursuit. I had to think about it for a bit before realizing it’s true. We can never reach our ultimate potential. There is no goal, no finish line. So focus must be on continual pursuit. Maximizing your potential is simply about trying and trying and never giving up.” – Gary Keller MREA (page 53)

Today, I wanted to give up. Everything. Every single thing. I sat on the floor by my closet, prayed and looked up at the ribbons hanging from the wall. I heard that voice that burns within me. Wiped the tears from my face, grabbed this book to study for Friday’s book club and this is what I see.

Does God ever play like this with you?


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