You don’t know me but I follow your blog

I took my son to a birthday party and a woman with a HUGE smile came up to me with arms wide open and blurted out “You don’t know me but I follow your blog!!” And proceeded to give me the best hug of the day!!!! 

Tina, a mutual friend of ours overheard her and said,”that’s a little creepy”

Quite the contrary though. I now get a lot of comments like that from women all over who confess their goals and fears with me and like her, look to others like us for inspiration, motivation and support. “You inspired me to run,” she said. And that motivates me to continue my own journey.

We went on to discuss the ups and downs of our health and fitness journeys and made a pact to keep in touch and support each other even though she was from the other side of Texas. 

I’m a month away from my event. I’m so out of my league and at the same time, super excited about it. My email has been jam packed with messages of support and getting to know my new Triflare Tribe members has reinvigorated the fire in me. The message yesterday let me know about my new kit designed just for me made me feel like a rockstar!!! 

I feel confident in my swim now but still need to shave 5 to 10 minutes from my overall time in the next few weeks. That’s going to be tough to do. My bike needs a new fit and some adjusting and has been the event that I have worked on the least amount. Almost all my time has been on the trainer. This makes me nervous. And my run worries me the most because of my hip. Bottom line is that I’m old, I’m injured, I’m heavier, it’s going to hurt regardless so just suck it up, deal with it and get ‘er done. 

You have excuses or you have results. It’s one or the other. I’m going to go out there and do my very best AND have fun with it AND cherish the experience forever. I hope it inspires others to attempt goals they never thought they could reach. Today’s book club enlightened me with “there is success in failure.” Now I see that. 😄 

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