Carrot sticks on Fat Tuesday #allsortsofwrong 

Getting back on track and liking it.  So it’s national Pizza Day and national pan cake day and it’s Fat Tuesday… And I’m munching on carrot sticks. My inner voice was yelling “YOURE DOING IT ALL WRONG!”

My inner voice – y’all remember her, the sarcastic loud mouth – well, she and I had it out the other morning. Proud to say that I won. 

Also pretty awesome to witness others win over the doubting voice in their heads. A few months ago, a woman whom I hardly know confided in me that she admired what I was doing and asked for my help. Not knowing how I could really help at all, I figured I could offer moral support. We check in on each other frequently to talk about progress and pitfalls – and I’m so happy to report that after numerous pitfalls, something clicked and she’s a pretty awesome badass now!!! I’m so proud of her!!! (Y, I’m talking about YOU!) 

Whatever it is that happens inside of us – I truly believe that it’s different for each of us – but when it happens, it’s nothing short of magical. I hope each of you get to experience it because that fee lining can be implemented into everything you do… And it’s infectious!!! Others feel your vibe and give it to many more. Go on! Try it out!

Two a days have begun so that I can get ready for my travel days where I know I’ll be without the chance of a good workout. 

Unsure yet if the excitement is from challenging my body on my terms and seeing it respond appropriately or if it is from the draft designs that Triflare shared with me!!!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THEM TO ARRIVE!!! I may not be the fastest but I’ll be the most fashionable!!! Yeah!!!! 

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