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172 Miles

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This morning I helped kick off the first leg of Frank Lara’s 172 Mile Campaign pledge for the Vannie Cook Cancer Center in McAllen. I wish with all my heart I had trained for this or was a naturally gifted runner that I could just pick up and say “Sure Frank! I’ll run 172 miles with you!” But I’m not. I ran the first half marathon equivalent and it broke my heart to leave them as they continued onto their trek. God Bless those runners with Frank and God Bless the children we are running for!

172 Miles

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172 Miles

Today Frank Lara surprised me by showing up to the station with a jersey that he got for me so that I can run with him during his 172 mile trek from Roma to South Padre Island as a fund raiser for Vannie Cook Cancer Center in McAllen. VCC is a local cancer clinic that specializes in childhood cancers. This is where Ben Karam, a boy that I run for, gets treatment. Now, I may run a marathon a month but I’ve never run 172 miles all at once! Frank has!!! And as crazy as it sounds… this is his SECOND time that he does this!!!

Insane I know! And I’m honored that he’s included me in his craziness 🙂

Took a step back today to take account of all that my community is doing now for the cause. I’m pretty dang proud of us!! WTG RGV!

Frank posted this picture of me receiving my jersey with the following:
A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO Myssie Cardenas-Barajas for her commitment to the 172 Campaign Run and to all the other great and inspiring things she does.

Since the beginning of the 172 Campaign Run group started in March of 2012 Myssie was one of the first to volunteer to help and at our 1st meeting there she was!

Myssie I can’t thank you enough for helping us get this started and now look at us, 6 months later we’re going at it again strong!

We wanted to also extend our warmest condolences to you and your family for the great loss you had this year. Mimi Cardenas will forever be in our hearts and remember by the 172 Campaign group.

I promise to wear my I Run for Mimi Jersey again this time!

Please SUPPORT Myssies run group Mimi’s Miles on Facebook!

Four Impossibles

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Four Impossibles

One year ago I was told I couldn’t do it. I hadn’t ever even run a mile before… EVER!

Now I’ve run four marathons in just one year, all in honor and memory of my baby brother Donny, my best friend Rodney, my Aunt Sissy and my beautiful dear mother Mimi Cardenas. I’ve raised about $10,000 with these sneakers. At first it seems like a lot of money, but in actuality, it hardly makes a dent on the medical bills of someone trying to conquer cancer. My family had two members at MD Anderson at the same time. Can you imagine what our budget was like? And so I run to raise money and awareness… but a year later, there still isn’t a cure. So maybe I need to make this impossible deal just that much more impossible? How about I learn how to ride a bike and learn how to swim this year and do a triathlon? But not just any triathlon…

And lets make this even more interesting… why don’t I add a century ride to this, too? But not just any century ride….

Yep… you guessed it. I’m going for the triple crown!

My goal is to triple what I did last year. Make myself healthier. Make my family healthier. Make my community healthier and I’m going to do it like my mom did… no matter what, I’ll do it with a smile. I won’t complain. I’ll trust in the journey.

Come with me.

Click on the picture to donate online.

7 months without you

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It’s been 7 months. I tried to keep myself busy. The moment I stop… I break down. I keep going and keep going and people tell me I’m doing too much and I don’t have the courage to tell them that if I stop, I’m afraid I’ll break down. She taught me all that she knew. She made me. I must keep going. I must.

I don’t have the luxury of a break down.

Nor can I take the scrutiny.

I must keep going.



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I’ve come to believe that everyone who enters my life has a reason for doing so. This last year has been a year of phenomenal, strong, uplifting, genuinely good people that have entered my life. Each one – too many to mention – has hit my heart and stayed there.

Not much time to write tonight so I’ll let the pictures say the thousands of words for me.


and now onto my next challenge phase…



I went for my first *real* bike ride today with a group of women that I fully trust and had the time of my life. The breeze in my face was a rush! I didn’t have to work hard at it like with running. This seemed like a natural fit for me. And yes, just as the black rain clouds rolled in… my weather angels came in to save the day – err ride. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking – this wasn’t part of the plan. But maybe growing my wings was exactly what Sissy wanted me to do.

I doubt I have wings after just one ride… but one thing’s for sure… this little chicken grew some feathers today.


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