172 Miles

172 Miles

Today Frank Lara surprised me by showing up to the station with a jersey that he got for me so that I can run with him during his 172 mile trek from Roma to South Padre Island as a fund raiser for Vannie Cook Cancer Center in McAllen. VCC is a local cancer clinic that specializes in childhood cancers. This is where Ben Karam, a boy that I run for, gets treatment. Now, I may run a marathon a month but I’ve never run 172 miles all at once! Frank has!!! And as crazy as it sounds… this is his SECOND time that he does this!!!

Insane I know! And I’m honored that he’s included me in his craziness 🙂

Took a step back today to take account of all that my community is doing now for the cause. I’m pretty dang proud of us!! WTG RGV!

Frank posted this picture of me receiving my jersey with the following:
A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO Myssie Cardenas-Barajas for her commitment to the 172 Campaign Run and to all the other great and inspiring things she does.

Since the beginning of the 172 Campaign Run group started in March of 2012 Myssie was one of the first to volunteer to help and at our 1st meeting there she was!

Myssie I can’t thank you enough for helping us get this started and now look at us, 6 months later we’re going at it again strong!

We wanted to also extend our warmest condolences to you and your family for the great loss you had this year. Mimi Cardenas will forever be in our hearts and remember by the 172 Campaign group.

I promise to wear my I Run for Mimi Jersey again this time!

Please SUPPORT Myssies run group Mimi’s Miles on Facebook!

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