Four Impossibles

Four Impossibles

One year ago I was told I couldn’t do it. I hadn’t ever even run a mile before… EVER!

Now I’ve run four marathons in just one year, all in honor and memory of my baby brother Donny, my best friend Rodney, my Aunt Sissy and my beautiful dear mother Mimi Cardenas. I’ve raised about $10,000 with these sneakers. At first it seems like a lot of money, but in actuality, it hardly makes a dent on the medical bills of someone trying to conquer cancer. My family had two members at MD Anderson at the same time. Can you imagine what our budget was like? And so I run to raise money and awareness… but a year later, there still isn’t a cure. So maybe I need to make this impossible deal just that much more impossible? How about I learn how to ride a bike and learn how to swim this year and do a triathlon? But not just any triathlon…

And lets make this even more interesting… why don’t I add a century ride to this, too? But not just any century ride….

Yep… you guessed it. I’m going for the triple crown!

My goal is to triple what I did last year. Make myself healthier. Make my family healthier. Make my community healthier and I’m going to do it like my mom did… no matter what, I’ll do it with a smile. I won’t complain. I’ll trust in the journey.

Come with me.

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