I’ve come to believe that everyone who enters my life has a reason for doing so. This last year has been a year of phenomenal, strong, uplifting, genuinely good people that have entered my life. Each one – too many to mention – has hit my heart and stayed there.

Not much time to write tonight so I’ll let the pictures say the thousands of words for me.


and now onto my next challenge phase…



I went for my first *real* bike ride today with a group of women that I fully trust and had the time of my life. The breeze in my face was a rush! I didn’t have to work hard at it like with running. This seemed like a natural fit for me. And yes, just as the black rain clouds rolled in… my weather angels came in to save the day – err ride. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking – this wasn’t part of the plan. But maybe growing my wings was exactly what Sissy wanted me to do.

I doubt I have wings after just one ride… but one thing’s for sure… this little chicken grew some feathers today.


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