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Triathlon training, colonoscopies and the meaning of life

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I got super sick this week. Thank goodness it was just a bug that lasted a couple of days but it was enough to knock me off my training track. Good thing that I was finally accepted into the Zwift program! Unfortch, I was too sick and impatient to get myself hooked up. I’m feeling much better and hope to get the system completely installed so I can see what all the hoopla is about.

For now, I just have my playlist going and youtube videos like this on the big screen. *I better get this done tomorrow the right way!!! Zwifting at the edge of the ocean right now. This is as close to the island as I can get.

The docs and my trusty JTIs have all worked super hard for the Rio Grande Valley Colonoscopy Assistance Program’s 5k coming up on Saturday. With two races under our belts, we’re feeling more at ease about this race coordination stuff now and have some awesome support from the City of McAllen and our sponsors.

Some of the RGV CAP Board members after our 2nd race

Some of the RGV CAP Board members after our 2nd successful 10k race!!!

Some of the RGV CAP board being a little silly after our first 5k success!!!

Some of the RGV CAP board being a little silly after our first 5k success!!!

P.S. Proceeds from these events go to fund financial and informational support for residents of the Rio Grande Valley who are at high risk or have great need of a colon cancer screening. Whether they need information on how to figure out if their current insurance can cover the colonoscopy expenses, don’t have insurance and need financial assistance or just need help in understanding the symptoms, treatments and options, these events that we do help raise funds to give them a better chance at identifying the cancer at an early stage and give them a fighting chance against colon cancer or rectal cancer.

So very proud of this little chiquita, Laura Corpus, RGV CAP’s President, who has spearheaded the project that is near and dear to my heart. I was supposed to be with her on this interview but got up at 2:00a.m. that morning with technicolor projectiles. She handled this interview like a champ on LIVE TV!  #bottomsup

Want to join? Tomorrow is the last day to sign up on

If you miss the deadline, you can sign up on race day morning at 7:00 a.m. but no guarantee that you’ll get a t-shirt.

And the best part is that everyone behind the scenes doesn’t just talk the talk… the very next day, we’ve signed up to do Stanley’s Triathlon!!!  It’s going to be a very busy week for all of us… and a very productive week, too!

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I try to keep a distinct line with my writing about family but I was totally up front about my being candid with feelings toward cancer. In the next few weeks, April 11, will mark my baby brother being gone 4 years. On April 8, it will be 3 years for my Momma. We, as a family, are all trying to move on with our lives and have done our best to heal. The transition has been difficult, the world will never be the same and some of us (family members) are not healing at the same pace as others.

I’ve never claimed to be the know-it-all of this nemesis named cancer so I ask of any of you who have dealt with multiple deaths, how have you dealt? I am so grateful that I have found a healthy outlet for my frustration but I know better than to think this is a cure-all one size fits all kind of remedy for all my family nor am I bold enough to claim that I’m completely healed… whatever that means. I’ve witnessed them hurt themselves so much with bad decisions, self destructive behaviors, etc. How can I get them to see the consequences of their actions? Do I even have a right to say anything? And who am I to say anything? And am I a bad person for not saying anything? Seriously, have you ever felt like the whole world has just gone completely mad at times and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it?

I wish she was here. She’d know what to do.

Things Momma used to say

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Life isn’t always awesome. It is what it is. If you choose to dwell on the negative, you’ll live in the negative. If you choose the opposite, your outcome will likely reflect that.

Not everyone will be your friend. Not everyone will be nice to you. Some will be nice to you but won’t ever be your friend. Some will befriend you but never really be nice. But YOU be nice and friendly to everyone, you understand?

Put yourself in their shoes.

It’s not easy to be a Catholic now. What we believe in isn’t convenient for the lifestyles that society has accept today. It’s much easier to be another religion but nothing worth having or being comes easy.

If you cant afford it, don’t buy it. Or work harder for it.

El flojo trabaja doble.

The worst they can say is “no”. Go on.

I love you, baby.

You were the prettiest one there.

Don’t waste your love on someone who loves someone else.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

It’s almost that time of year… her favorite time of year and now it’s become the time that I dread most: Easter the anniversary of the day she died. I cannot remove the vivid memories of her – even when she struggled during her last days – nor would I ever want to. I cherish every memory of her. However, I struggle with how I am supposed to celebrate Easter without her and with the rest of my family that remains. Easter is a time that symbolizes the rebirth of Christ, His ever lasting life and Spring renewal. So until I figure it out for myself, I’ll plant a fake smile on my face until I can soak in every single precious great thing there is about Easter.

I remember when grandma Nana died. I was about 12 years old. I saw her on Aunt China’s recliner distraught and lighting up a cigarette. She had quit smoking a few years before. I remember walking up to her and reminded her that she had quit and she snapped at me… I knew it wasn’t like her to be so angry but I never forgot that moment. I also never experienced her anger after that moment. Something must have triggered her to remove the anger, that feeling of missing her mother, the uncertainty of life without mom…

I’m still waiting for that trigger to happen wtihin me. I wish I knew.

I have so many questions for her and I know she’d be able to figure out how to solve the problems.

I miss her.



The RGV CAP (Rio Grand Valley Colonoscopy Assistance Program) 5k is next week. I really hope people participate, help and take advantage of what we’re doing. This way, someone else won’t be missing someone they love like I am.

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