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Weekend Worrier Warrior

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The last few weekends have had some intense workouts. I got the chance to ride with the Mellow Johnny’s group last weekend and witness a few of my friends compete at the Couples Triathlon in Austin. I got just as much joy in completing something that I once thought was impossible as watching others complete something they once thought was impossible, too! And yes, I had cowbell!!!

I’ll insert the pictures now and explain back later…

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Donate now

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Donate now

Because someone out there needs help getting their treatment.

Because someone out there has a 2 year old little boy who may soon lose their mother to cancer.

Because someone out there has a child who has cancer and still has dreams of becoming a fireman.

Because someone out there still has hope.

Because someone out there is working on the cure that will change our world.

See the orange “donate now” link up above here? Click on it and give. What if it was your $20 that actually changed our world? Make some day be today. Please donate.

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