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What does a DATE mean?

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What does a date mean? I could go back to my pageant days and remember that famous on stage question:

“Describe your perfect date.”

“Hmm. That’s a tough one. I’d have to say April 25 because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold.  All you need is a light jacket.”

We all thought this was funny because of the way that the word “date” was used. And she was actually right. April 25 really is a very nice day.

It has meaning.

Dates to me have meaning. I see signs in everything. I choose to see them.

In late September of 2011, Sissy lost her life to cancer. But not before she was able to push me into a healthy lifestyle and start running.

In late September of 2012, MidValley Events chose me to be their Athlete of the Week. They sent me to a little bike shop for a photo shoot because the shop had an orange wall that could be used as a back drop. I had come a long way in one year from Sissy’s challenge to the athlete of the week. That day changed my life once again. I went from running to cycling (and triathlon) when I was introduced to Wally’s Bike Shop.

In late September of 2013, I will have completed the Triple Crown. A challenge instigated by Sissy, supported by my community, guided by Wally… all exactly one year apart.

What does a date mean? If that date is September 21, it means a lot.





Suzie Q the Triathlete

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Susannah swimming


20130518-144907.jpgA child can do anything they set their mind to, regardless of whatever limits the world may try to impede on them.  It is someone special – most of the time it is parents – who allows them to break beyond those limits. I am so grateful that my parents and her parents gave us that gift of telling the world off every now and then.

Her dad didn't do it for her. Her dad taught her how to do it herself and he never left her side when she proved the world wrong.

Her dad didn’t do it for her. Her dad taught her how to do it herself and he never left her side when she proved the world wrong.

P.S. Just because you don’t see her mom running beside her doesn’t mean she’s not equally deserving of kudos. I keep her mom busy running beside me 🙂 What her dad does for Susannah, her mom does the same for me.

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