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I am the invisible woman

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When my mother learned that she had cancer, she quickly assessed what was a priority in her life and dealt with it accordingly. Her faith in God, her church, her sisters in Christ, her religion and her family were always, always, always at the top.

My mother sent this video to me in December of 2009 because she saw that I was hurt one very special day. After I saw it, I told her that when I was young, I couldn’t see the things she did for me but now that I had become a mother, it was so very visible. Years later, many statements said in this video are even clearer. It took over 100 years to build a cathedral by master builders who did not live to see their work or get recognition for it. But He saw.

Many people do not see our hard work. Many of us are invisible. I am one. I am invisible. My Momma was also invisible. But she knew He saw. Her hard work was done not for anyone here but for One above us. She was always so confident of that.

I’ve always had to have reminders about this. My faith has never been as strong as hers.

I am building a cathedral. Carefully laying each brick just as she did. Many cannot see this. Many will never see it. And that’s ok. It hurts me that they don’t see it but maybe they aren’t meant to see. Maybe it is the finished construction that they need to see for them to receive their faith.

Do you see what I am building?

Are you building something, too? I’ll bet you are. Who are you building it for?

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