About Myssie and why she runs so dang much!

Hi! My name is Myssie. I have some issues that I’m currently dealing with on this thing called CANCER.  You see, it stole my best friend, Rodney Perez (leukemia) from me when we were just 23 years old. It stole another wonderful girl friend of mine – who just happened to be a doctor – Jana Miller (colon cancer). It stole my baby bother, Donny Cardenas (stroke) – when he was just 38 years old – from me as a result of the emotional and financial pressures of dealing with cancer as it stole our Aunt Sissy (leukemia) and our dear Momma, Mimi Cardenas (colon cancer). It stole my grandparents Lorenza “Lencha” (brain cancer) and Narcisso (leukemia) Cavazos.  With the exception of Rodney, all these deaths happened within months of each other over these last few years with my brother, my aunt and my mother all happening  just this last year five to six months apart from each other.

What does this have to do with running marathons, cycling century rides or completing a triathlon?

Absolutely nothing… unless I raise awareness, funds and support for those who have been touched by cancer.

Follow me on my journey. Together, we will beat cancer.

It picked the wrong girl to mess with.

The woman who starts the race is NOT the same woman who finishes the race.

The woman who starts the race is NOT the same woman who finishes the race.

One Response to “About Myssie and why she runs so dang much!”

  1. Hello Myssie….You have done great job with your present life…Do your best with upcoming journey.We are still with you for vaubale support .Please connect me back.i will help you with my maximum.
    keep it up.

    Thanks And Regards


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