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The Three Amigos

Posted in Uncategorized on March 29, 2016 by runmyssierun

Three years ago, fate placed me in a hotel room the night before Herothon marathon in San Antonio with a closet-gangster-rap-music-loving pharmacist. It took a whole of :30 minutes to convince her to do our first triathlon together. Two days later, a princess joined us. Together we trained, encouraged, pushed, cried, laughed, hugged and even won together across countless finish lines between us. 

It was so fitting that they continued their support for me today. We couldn’t spend a lot of time together but that little time was treasured. 

I’ve recently heard a saying “your vibe attracts your tribe” so many times over these last few months. And it fills me with joy to know that I am surrounded with vibrant, caring, unstoppable, successful, beautiful women in all aspects of my life. 

Thank you my beautiful bugs! I still won’t pick you off one by one 😉



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