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My gift box of darkness

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An old friend and former co-worker of mine had tagged me on this post. It got me really thinking about my box of darkness…

I thought about all that she had witnessed me go through over all these years in different circumstances and I thought about all she had gone through as well.

We all have those dark gifts that have knocked us down in our lives. But what really matters is how our light continues to shine in all those dark blessings.

Some people will always try to dim my/your light. Don’t let them.

Let your light shine.

Getting felt up for breast cancer

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This morning I had my mammogram. I have to admit that I am quite nervous about it. There is still this black cloud of doom that seems to follow me around and a part of me that still thinks that it’s just a matter of time before cancer will try to get me, too. Waiting around for the next 10 days for the results to be sent back to me will most definitely be agonizing.

I tried with all my might to act casual around the nurse who was tending to me but let’s face it… My face, my mannerisms, my everything shows all over me!!!! It is so easy for people to read me!!!

I have a tendency to make jokes of a situation when I’m nervous like I was so thank goodness I was getting texts from friends the whole time who understood my inner personality and played along.

I mean… Really… Do they honestly think when they tell you to “relax your shoulders and lean in” while they grab your boob and smack it onto a cold slab of machinery and squish it like play-doh and command you to hold your other boob out of the way that there aren’t any emotions going through our heads? Come on! That’s borderline foreplay!!! And if that’s the case, at least dim the lights to better set the mood. Just saying…





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