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Go ahead. Want to ask me WHY I do these crazy events again?
Because at one time I said “Someday I’ll be like them.”
“Someday I’ll be able to do that”
“Someday someone else’s family won’t have to endure what my family did”
AND SOMEDAY CAME!!! I did it. Anything is possible.
And somewhere on this Earth someone is thinking to themselves
“Someday I’ll be cured of cancer”
“Someday I’ll win this fight”
“Someday I’ll develop the cure for cancer”
#1team1goal #beatcancer
#join #teamintraining


I was also sent an email today from ACS. I copied it for you here:

Dear Myssie,

Today, we want to report back to you on what some of our brightest researchers have been doing — to give you a sense of the kind of breakthroughs your support makes possible. As a committed American Cancer Society supporter, you are a vital partner in the fight to make this cancer’s last century.

Just this week, it was announced that a former American Cancer Society research grantee is one of the three scientists receiving the 2013 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology! Dr. James E. Rothman, along with two colleagues will be honored for defining the control of the movement of membranes in cells; which contributes greatly to the understanding of cell functioning in numerous diseases, including cancer. These internal cell membranes are key to the function of cells and the ability of cells to move, both of which are hallmarks of cancer cells. In 1982, while at Stanford University, and in 1988 while at Princeton, Dr. Rothman’s research was supported by an American Cancer Society research grants.

Investing in researchers like Dr. Rothman is possible because of people like you. Here are just two of the other advances that may help cancer patients in the future that have been made possible by American Cancer Society supporters like you:


A new device that can detect tumor cells in your blood
The Herringbone-Chip is capable of finding rare circulating tumor cells also known as CTCs. CTCs are living tumor cells which are thought to be metastasizing and they are very hard to detect because very few of them are in the bloodstream. With this new microfluidics-chip, tumor cells could be found much earlier and could save lives.

Test Tubes

A new way to predict if aggressive cancers will spread or not
The presence of a specific type of molecule called miR-101 may be the link that allows doctors in the future to predict whether a tumor will remain contained or if it will be very aggressive and spread. What’s more, new research suggests that some cancers could be contained by putting miR-101 into tumors that have lost it.

We thank you; cancer patients across the country thank you; and future generations thank you for being part of this fight.

Thank you. Please feel free to share this with friends or family who might be interested, as well.


Your American Cancer Society

P.S. If you’re inspired to make a gift today, please donate here. Innovative and deserving projects as well as critical programs and services for families touched by cancer are always in need of funding.

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