Does size really matter?

After gaining weight by not working out like I had been used to doing because of my injury but still eating like I had been used to eating, I find myself back to square one. So here I go again… but this time, I stepped on the scale to get a true measurement of my progress. I know I can do this the right way. If you want to do the same, contact me personally. I work better with a support group where we encourage each other and keep each other accountable. It’s not about who can lose more weight faster, it’s about attaining a healthy goal and staying there. I’d love to do this with about 10 other people. No gimmicks, I’m doing this the old fashioned way and if you want to do it like this , too, let me know.


I remember clearly that day in high school when someone snickered under their breath “Look, it’s small, medium and large.”

They were referring to me and my two girl friends. One girl friend was quite thin. She was always sad, never ate and super whiney – probably because she was always hungry. The other girl was not fat by anyone’s standard but was big boned… no just more muscular or thicker than we were and a lot happier than we were. I was medium.

You wouldn’t think that being medium was a bad thing until I found myself right smack in the middle of beauty queen, swim suit model and Bud Girl Neverneverland. It wasn’t good to be medium then. I was surrounded by beautiful girls who thought they were fat and ugly and would only get approval if they were just five pounds skinnier. If only they could drop…

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