In the End

My days have been filled with songs that have deep meaning to me. I love music. No, really. I Looooooooove music. It forged a bond in our family and my close friends. I randomly change radio stations and CDs and iPod playlists to see if I can get a “sign”, a “message” from my angels. Weird? Probably. Do I care what you think? Probably not. It’s my thing.

My marathon training and races all had incredible playlists that were custom made. I would download the elevation maps for each race and program high intensity songs to play right at the time when I knew I’d hit hills. So long as I kept the beat of the song, my cadence would take me to the finish. The lyrics would take me to my never never land. The deep bass beats would trance me into rhythmic prayer.

However, my triathlon training does not allow for me to wear my music gear. I now have the music in my head. For the first time EVER, I competed a triathlon this last weekend and had a song in my head on repeat the entire time. I don’t know the name of it. All I know is that it is #8 (as per Christine) of “La Myssie” – a cd that was made for me. Christine is the name of my car. She earned that name.

Next weekend, I attempt my first real triathlon. I don’t know which song will play in my head. But I hope it takes me to the finish.

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