Seriously great write! As a novice cyclist now, I’m trying really hard to learn as much as I can in a short amount of time. Hanging out with the elite cyclists of my area has helped tremendously but this blog nailed it! I don’t care now which race LLS puts me in, I’m stoked!!!

Grit, Guts and Glory

Tomorrow I will be entering my first cycling race… A 6 hour time trial race around a 16 mile, triangular loop in Palm Springs, CA. This was a total last minute decision… My friend, Lauren, invited me to go down and do the race with her Thursday night… which meant not a whole lot of time to train lol.

Before I quit training for the Furnace Creek 508 in August, I was given some advice by ultra cyclist, Dani Grabol, on things she wish she knew before started cycling. Not so much training advice, but more so how to stay somewhat comfortable on the bike. I was reviewing it today, and thought that it would definitely be worth sharing so here we go…

Saddle Sores:

There are 3 types:

Ingrown Hairs/Blocked Hair Follicles: These look like little whiteheads or zits and can appear anywhere really. They are usually popable and…

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