Color me ORANGE

Color me ORANGE

A few months ago, I blurted out (to an acquaintance whom I barely knew and shown above) that we should have a 5k Color Run down here in the Valley. It would be nothing but fun yet would intrigue the participants into asking what each color represented… and offer a way to promote a good cause, introduce a healthy lifestyle to those non-athletes (like I was) and remind hard-core athletes that fitness activity does not always have to be competitive but is based on something fun. It was short enough for all levels of the public to complete. It was not timed. There were no winners and no losers. Well, let me re-phrase… the race organizers (Mid Valley Events) sure won! BEST EVENT EVER!!! Fitness sure won! Everyone who participated seemed to have tons of fun! And the charities that participated sure won! Mimi’s Miles included!!! I don’t have enough fingers and toes plus fingers and toes of all our volunteers to count how many times runners came through our ORANGE station screaming out “I run for Mimi”. I must have cried at least 50 times just that morning!

Good tears.

I had received a text early that morning about how orange the sun rise was and again how orange the sun set was that day.

THE ENTIRE DAY BELONGED TO MY MOM. And it was all because of some really wonderful people who organized it, a fabulous community who participated in it and a great home town that made it all happen.

My heart overflows.

And so as I write this blog, this very moment, it was announced that a break though therapy has been discovered to help leukemia patients and it as funded by the races that I run!!!! Click here for that article

Better yet, click here to donate and help make a bigger difference!

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