The Triple Crown for a Has-Been-Beauty-Queen

When Jean Gearhart first spoke to me about the Triple Crown Challenge, she was right… I really did think she was nuts.


Maybe it was the other nutty people that I ran into all that week that had already or were planning on doing the same thing that kind of pushed me into thinking that if I had come this far… why not go all the way? So here I am.. thinking I’m nuts already so lets just confirm it! I’m going for the Triple Crowns in both the Rock & Roll Marathon series AND the L.L.S. (Team in Training) challenge!!!  I haven’t had a crown since I was 23 years old. I think it’s time I went for it! What do you think?

So, what IS a Triple Crown? For the Rock N Roll Marathon series, it is running three marathons in ONE calendar year. For LLS, it is running a marathon, a triathlon and a 100-mile century ride all while fundraising for each event.

OK, don’t say it. I know… you think I’m nuts. It’s ok. I think so, too! But you know deep down inside that I wouldn’t do this for any other reason but this: BEAT CANCER



Here’s the Wildflower race from this year that I”ll be training for next year. WILDFLOWER

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