Fiesta Marathon


Last year I ran my first 5k at the Fiesta Marathon. This year, I ran my last marathon at Fiesta. Last year, I had family, health and emotional issues. This year, I had family, health and emotional issues. But they were polar differences this year! I guess what I’m trying to say is that… Boy, what a difference a year makes!!!

A local newspaper told my story – written very well and with sensitivity. I had no idea so many people would connect with it and with me. It validated to me all that Momma saw and that my journey is obviously in its infancy. I am now a true believer in signs and feel that she and Sissy and Donny and Rodney and Jana and… (I have more angels than anyone else I know!) are all leading me to the right people and the right places. All those people were with me at Fiesta. It was the toughest run with the worst time I’ve ever had. But it will likely be my most memorable because of the people who were there for me. From the first hug in the morning to the Forrest Gump finish line experience and all the applause and car honks in between with encouragement… It was a wave of orange love to me. Thank you!!! Orange will crush cancer!

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