Throw Back Thursday

Today is #throwbackthursday so I went back a year ago on my blog and found that I wrote about #tbt then. What I truly enjoyed though was that I had recognized that my life was coming back together again. I was able to attempt a fearful challenge and complete it… and not just complete it but actually do quite well with it. I’ve come a long way since that July 4th afternoon in 2006. And I have you all to thank for it. THANK YOU!!!


I haven’t had time to post this week. Soo busy!!! Considering this is taper week, you’d think I’d have a little extra time but it’s also the first week of school for my little and a busy week at work and as always… New adventures!!!

Last weekend though I made it out to the beach for a mini TRI with open water swim. I felt good. Strong. Both physically and mentally.

The swim in the bay was picture perfect! The water was like glass but was so stagnant, murky and extra salty!!! My head was on straight and I’m proud of myself for beating my demons. I didn’t allow for anything to take me off focus.

I showed up. Did what I needed to do. And that’s it. All business!!!

The bike was wow!!! Again, it was like Mimi was ready to go play. We kept a good pace —…

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