Prayers answered on God’s time


Miracles happen all the time, every day. I’ve prayed for them. I’ve seen them happen. I’ve also been witness to unanswered prayers. I’ve been witness to agony, evil, sin, struggle and especially the confusion of those so devout (or seemingly devout) who don’t understand why they deserve what is happening to them.

Over the last two and a half decades, I’ve delved deeply into the taboo corners of religion, faith and our higher power. And while I rarely speak about what I personally believe in, I do speak often about my Catholic upbringing and the wonderful foundation it has given me; the understanding that certain things happen simply because there is a grander purpose that we (as individuals) may never have the opportunity to understand.

I do pray. I do believe in the power of multiples in prayer. I do believe in faith. I do believe in ONE God. And I do believe He has many names, like me.  My name, Myssie, becomes Margarita in Mexico, Gretchen in Germany and Margaret in England but I am still in essence just Myssie. And what I say in one country may become translated into another language and mean something slightly different in another country but still in essence, I still strive to do good, be better and love a lot and drink coffee and listen to all sorts of music… except polka… just can’t get into that. Are you understanding the correlation I’m making with regards to religion? I don’t know how else to explain it other than I can possibly be the Catholic version of a very politically correct John Lennon without all the great fame and musical talent…. oh and I don’t smoke pot, either.

So what do God and prayers and miracles have to with cancer and marathons or triathlons? 

Third buoy of an open water swim triathlon: “Oh my God! I still have how much more to do to reach the finish line?!?!?!”

Mile 22 of a marathon: “Please God Please help me keep my pace! Don’t let my IT band pop!”

3rd round of chemo: “Heal (me or insert name of choice), God, and I will serve your will. I’ll do whatever you want. Just take the cancer away!”

Even if I replace the word “God” with another name of any other religion of your choice, and the prayer is answered (of which I’ve seen many times) or unanswered and the outcome ended up completely opposite of what I prayed for… it seems the big Guy upstairs has a way of letting me know that it was only because something else had to have happened, a lesson learned, a person met, a friendship formed, a hardship endured and/or conquered, to have gotten me to the place where I am now…. where I am supposed to be now. It’s a crazy plan, I know. But somehow, He’s got it all figured out.

Or at least I have faith that He does.

Today, I was able to witness Momma’s miracle – or at least a little bit of it – happen. She prayed so hard not for herself to heal from cancer but for her family to heal. She prayed for “softened hearts” she called it. It is no secret that the wife of my baby brother, Donny, and I have never been close nor seen eye to eye but today we sat together for almost two hours by ourselves talking calmly to each other over coffee about healing after the deaths we had to deal with, the boys we are to continue to raise and about Team in Training and her interest in doing a triathlon.

I was careful in our conversation as to not ask questions that could possibly trigger anger. In fact, the only question I asked was at the very beginning with “How are you?”. She was just as careful in letting me know that she was dealing with her anger issues. And I was eager to share with her the experience that helped me heal in hopes that she would have a similar healing experience with Team in Training.

And while I am still cautious about our relationship, I cannot help but be so filled with hope that this may be the answer to Momma’s prayers for a happy and healing family that she always wanted us to be. And a way for me and my family to see more of my nephews!!! One of which is my Godson.

Running a marathon with Team in Training gave me the opportunity to meet and get to know Sissy’s biological family. I now know that this was part of her plan. Maybe a triathlon with Team in Training and my late baby brother’s widow will give me the opportunity to heal with his. Maybe this is God’s plan.

Sometimes running or swimming or cycling isn’t always about pace and endurance. Sometimes, especially in my case and probably countless others, it’s about answering some prayers when least expected.

I hope Momma knows and is able to see what happened today from Heaven or the universe or wherever you believe we go after life ends. Maybe that’s why the sun was shining this afternoon. Maybe she was our sunshine during our little miracle 🙂


Thank you to those who have donated already! Every little bit counts and I cannot do this by myself. Thank you!!!

One Response to “Prayers answered on God’s time”

  1. Miracle granted. Each day a new ones appear. Grateful for you and your message. Prayers for continued strength in all you do!


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