We all have a journey and while many of our paths are similar, no two perspectives are identical… however, I believe in this case I have found a twin. Irene’s journey of witnessing her parent stolen by cancer is overshadowed by the love and faith of God and the many miracles (or “signs” that I call them) that soothe our sorrowed heart. While I am a few steps ahead of her on the map of our journey, this was a great reminder of why I do what I do.. and why I MUST CONTINUE.

A Journey Towards Eternity

It seemed to come out of nowhere. For over a month there had not been a drop of rain, and yet here it was, early in the morning, and all around the thick, dark clouds masked the sun and gestured at the approaching storm.  I arrived at the funeral home more than an hour before we were scheduled to depart that morning.  The two days prior had been a blur of funeral planning, visitations, hugs, tears, song, prayer, more tears, and more hugs. It was the morning of June 25, 2014, and I was about to celebrate my father’s life, his legacy, and lay him to rest.

We had been expecting his passing. It wasn’t sudden. Eight months earlier, On October 14, 2013, my father had a tremble in his hand while holding a drink, his grip released and the drink fell to the ground. Not one to shy away…

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  1. Thank you, Myssie. Our greatest gift is to have fellowship with those who have faith and purpose, those who push through barriers to reach their goals. Prefect we are not, but we have seen, witnessed and been beneficiaries of a bounty of blessings. one of those blessings be attaining that goal which pushes you each day. Yes. Keep doing what you do!


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