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The time is right to revisit why I started doing what I’m doing so that you can understand what this next weekend means to me and the person who gets the phone call tomorrow with those three dreaded words: “You have cancer.”


January 27, 2012

I am not a runner. I was never in organized competitive sports growing up. I’m not the athletic type at all. Competitive yes. Athletic nope! But something wild and crazy triggered me in September of 2011. I was in the kitchen of the apartment that was donated to my mother and my aunt Sissy by the Hospitality Apartments just a few blocks away from MD Anderson and felt completely helpless. My mother had just had nine tumors removed from her brain the day before and I was on my way to feed Sissy her breakfast because she could no longer control her hand movement. I kept thinking “what can I do?”

I’m not smart enough to become a doctor or a scientist and create a cure for them. I’m not rich enough to pay a doctor or a scientist to create a cure for them. And I…

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