From the Hill to the Valley

Going to have to make this brief. Got lots to do. Done lots to tell you about!

My last day in Washington, I had four hours to myself. What did I do???? Run of course!!!

I ran just over 4 miles around the “mall” from the Capitol to the Washington monument and back and then back to the hotel. I kept the mall run pretty consistent at about 10-minute miles which was pretty dang good considering stopping I was doing for all the pictures I was taking!!! I felt great!!!! It was over cast, perfect cool weather for a run! However…


Seems that I’ve got some ojo or mean juju. Still sick. Had to miss out on the mock tri training this weekend with Team in Training as a result of my relapse. So I SAGged the bicycle route of the tri course for the team. Sadly, I almost got side swiped by an angry driver who came about 6 inches from my car because he was upset that I was sagging the bicyclists. Shortly afterwards, I witnessed an 18-wheeler come just a foot from a cyclist. (They need to be at least 6 feet from a cyclist)

We’ve got some serious bike hate and ignorance here in South Texas.

As the SAG, I was able to watch over the rest of the team and meet with them individually about some of the wrongs that happened on that day. Thankfully, most everyone did really well! Just a few didn’t know that in a triathlon, you cannot ride side by side like we do on our 5AM-rides. Explaining “drafting” was a little oversight. As was littering. Can’t through an empty Gu wrapper on the ground. Everything else went great. They all knew where the mount line was and the distances were mastered in no time for each of them. I’m so very proud!!!

Now, I’m just worried about getting MY practices in!!! I’ve been out for way too long as a result of my laryngitis, bronchitis, walking pneumonia, ojo… whatever it is I have!!! I’m worried that I may have to drop down from Olympic to Sprint distance. Last thing I need is to go into a cough attack while I’m out swimming at CapTex!!!

After speaking to Coach W about my worries, she seemed unscathed. “You’ve been through this. I know you have the endurance. I say wing it.” huh???? Really? Maybe she has me mixed up with someone else…. like a real athlete. Ya, true. I’ve done CapTex before but this is a much longer distance and I’ve missed out on almost a month of training. “You’re too close to the event to push yourself and risk it all,” she said.

Ok, so … I’m winging it.

Next, I ask Bike Guru “Which bike do I take? Mimi or Neo?”

“Mimi” he says. Ok, at least I know I have an established comfort level with my Mimi. I know I go faster on Neo but there’s a feeling of home on Mimi. Didn’t argue. Didn’t even put up a stink about it at all. I just trusted and went with it. Mimi has an appointment with the Wally Spa this week for her beauty upkeep.


Mother’s Day


I see other people go on and live their lives never skipping a beat after a loved one dies. Their employer gives them a week to get over it… and they do. I think I’m a little bit damaged.

I’m taking too long.

Last week, now I can’t remember what it was that I wanted to talk about but I grabbed the phone to call Sissy to tell her…something. It must have been completely random. It’s been 2 1/2 years since she’s died. Why do I still want to pick up the phone or drive over and talk to her? Why do I still struggle to remember if it’s one can of water or two cans for Momma’s mushroom rice recipe? I was so spoiled by calling her every time I made it. And she would laugh and say “I love when you call me for recipes! It’s two cans if you’re doubling it.”

I don’t see other people feel things the way I do… or maybe they just don’t show it. Maybe they just keep it all inside. Maybe they really didn’t feel the same things I did with my mom. Maybe I’m the super uber lucky one who not only got the right kind of love from her mother but also from her mother’s sister. I kind of had two moms. Maybe that’s why I feel differently than everyone else.

I realize that some people never got the chance to be loved by their mom, or step mom or grandmother or foster mom or adopted mom… or single dad. I feel bad for them. I do. I feel like maybe I got too much love and maybe I took more than my share… some of that love should have been given to them.



Eddie sure has turned things around in the Valley.

The momentum has not faded. In fact, it’s become hotter than ever. The Ride of Silence has become a booming outcry from citizens all over the Rio Grande Valley.

I’ve been asked to be a part of committee meetings in almost every town in the RGV — and I am sooooo very honored!




And then… my health. I got my stress test done today. I’ll get results next Monday. Regardless of it being good or bad, I’ll post and together you and I can work through it. I learned this from Ethan. đŸ™‚






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