Blue Moon

Today’s ride was …. Enchanting. Maybe it was the day – Valentines. Maybe. Today was just Friday to me… An ordinary day in an ordinary world. But the big bright full moon tried to convince me otherwise.

It followed me all morning like a spot light illuminating the trail for me and the 5am Wake up riders. Almost like it was flirting with me. *blush* I guess it was a little romantic. And who doesn’t like a little romance I their life???

My practices have been pretty good. I’ve been dedicated and haven’t missed one (ok, I missed Mondays but I made it up the next day).

I’m super proud of the teams swimming!!! You saw the fear in their eyes… And they pushed on anyway. THATSWHATIMTALKINGABOUT

I still have to wait until the 22nd to see how everyone does on their bikes. I can’t wait!!!

Alex went panhandling with me on Monday. We did eh eh. Not like last season. But we’re going to try again next week during peak driving hours.

Being Valentines week… I was a little taken back by the gifts I received from people I never really thought had been paying attention. Humbled and honored and clearly blessed to have them in my life.

The week in pictures:









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