Look! No hands!

The drought has hit South Texas hard this year so when we heard rain was going to visit us every day all week, my little thirsty community was overjoyed! But it does put a damper on my training and being so close to Viva Bike Vegas, it gets me a little nervous.

Today’s swim practice was cut a little short because of the thunder and lightening. My bike ride tomorrow is expected to be hindered as well. Soooooo I have lots of alternatives. I’m going to live life on the edge and not plan but have a back up plan… tada! Ya, that’ll do it!

I’m scheduled to have an 80-miler this weekend so I drove in my car this morning to see which bike route I could take. I was pretty pleased even though I did see lots of construction that made me nervous. Xman said he would sag for me if I chose to ride up through the hill country. WOW! That took me by surprise. I loved that idea and was grateful for the offer. And then I remembered that my son has to perform at the football game this weekend in Laredo. There goes that idea….

I have a few days to plan it all out and then replan and then do whatever life gives me.

guess what?

I let go of my handle bars 🙂
and didn’t fall!!!

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