Someday is Today




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You’ve read my story. You’ve felt my experiences. You saw my heart break from afar. You’ve seen my ups and my downs. You’ve cheered me on so I don’t quit. You’ve watched me train. You’ve watched me cross numerous finish lines. You’ve been introduced to some wonderful human beings through my blog that are no longer with us because of cancer.

Want to watch me get closer to a cure? Do your part. Help.

Do something. Share my story. Donate. Join me. Support.

So that others don’t have to deal with the pain my family has.

Do it so that it isn’t your family that is hit next.

Don’t ever think that it’ll never happen to you. Don’t ever let yourself believe that you’ll join me on “Monday” or “someday”.


Leave a Reply. I enjoy reading your feedback. Your support fuels me.

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