the sun comes out tonight

Three weekends in a row = three medals for events

1. Capital of Texas Triathlon

2. HogDash 3

3. Girls Just Du It Duathlon

All three were so much fun! And each with great people!!! But what surprised me most was how people treated me like a rockstar!!! I was honestly left speechless by all the people who came up to me asking to take pictures with me and tell me that they read my blog and how I inspire them….


Knowing that my story is spreading, that people are talking about cancer, treatments are being offered, transportation and expenses are being donated and support is more readily available fills my heart with joy!!! THIS IS THE JOURNEY

It’s not about losing weight (although it sure is nice to fit into my old clothes and Dr. Monoharan sure likes the health benefits I’m getting).

It’s not about all the medals (although it is a great reminder of accomplishments I once thought were impossible).

It’s about seeing a challenge and thinking it is impossible to accomplish and doing it anyway. It’s about opening our eyes up to the possibility of finding and funding a cure that is accessible to all of us and I won’t stop until that happens.

Best of all… I’m being greeted by moms and dads who are running for their children and children who are running for their parents that were lost to cancer doing the same thing that I’m doing and we’re all being greeted by survivors who join us and confirm that what we are doing is for some stranger out there in the world who is so very grateful.


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