Pre-TRI jitters

I spent the day sending thank you’s to those who have helped me along to this point. The day is almost over and I’m no where near the end of my thank you list.

Several stand out and were difficult for me to express but one has been with me since the beginning… Even before I knew I was on this journey.

Many of y’all know that I lost my best friend in high school because of leukemia. But I had several best friends. We were the original Breakfast Club. Rodney was a best friend to several others. The Club had other members.

One crazy red head was with me when we lost Rodney. She was with me when I lost my mom, when I lost Donny and when I lost Sissy. Just as I was with her when she lost her dad to cancer two years ago.

She offers her house for me to stay at when my events are in town. She understands more than anyone else the level of hate I have towards cancer as she has experienced it as well personally.

She offers her heart to me as well.

It’s funny. I have a lot of friends and support but rarely do I allow people beyond my “walls”. She has never hit one of those walls. Since the first day I met her, she never ever saw my walls.

I am so lucky to have the bestest friend ever in the history of the world.

And having friends like this be with you during and right before a triathlon that I’m running for in memory of all those important to us makes all the difference in the world!!!!


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