Pray for Boston


We were nicknamed the “dream team” and I have to agree, this truly is an awesome group of phenomenal people who inspire, look fear in the eye, conquer it and have fun doing it. So when our Team in Training alumni group quickly organized a “silent 3-mile run for Boston” after the tragic events that unfolded, the “dream team” sent texts to each other confirming our solidarity. We wouldn’t miss this for the world.



Cyndi Karr is one of THE most amazing gazelles in my run club. When she qualified and went up to New York for the New York marathon but was sent back because of the hurricane, she was disappointed but not defeated. So when she crossed the finish line in Boston on Monday morning, the chatter on our facebook messaging was out of control!!! All us girls were planning her welcome home party, organizing volunteers to get flowers, cup cakes, balloons, etc… and then quite literally silence. We all saw the news at the same time.

Frantic and praying, our little group of normally speechless women waited on one of us to communicate with Beto (Cyndi’s husband).

They were safe. THANK THE LORD!

When I met them the following day at the airport as they arrived, I was so elated when I heard her say “I walked eight steps on ‘Heartbreak Hill’ and ran the rest. I can’t wait to do it again next year!” and tears rolled down her cheek.

She posted the following on her facebook:

“These cowards managed to plant these explosives at the happiest part of the race…the finish, but they messed with the wrong people. If their intentions were to break the human spirit…marathoners are the wrong people to mess with. That’s why we run… & put ourselves through the pain to see how much more our hearts can endure… Although my experience is blurred by the feelings of saddness and anger…the Boston marathon was everything I expected it to be and more!! I will definitely be at Boston 2014!!”


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