A dumbed down triathlete


The group of women that I’ve been training with and have been supported by have now all become official triathletes… And one became an ironman! We are all so proud of ourselves and each other but outside of this circle, the pride has to scale down.

If anyone truly knew how powerful and inspirational this group really was….

But the world won’t truly know. At least not yet.

The world is infatuated with drama. You can have a success story here and there but try not to make it a habit. The people around us get a secret thrill in watching us fail, watching us fall flat on our faces.

But it is in falling that the lesson is learned. It is learning that makes us better. Without learning, we become stagnant.

This group is far from stagnant.

I, however, am the underdog. Of all these women, I am one of the oldest and least athletic, least experienced. My personal life has the most against me. The cute part when the world is cheering for me in the beginning is now over. I’ve been doing this for a year now. But not nearly as long as these others.

So I push myself further, harder, beyond what pain and exhaustion limits me just to keep up to their warm up levels. No one can know what I endure. No one can know the pain and disappointment I have in myself sometimes. No one can know the pride I have in myself when I realize how far I’ve come.

But she does. She knows. I feel her smile. That’s all that matters.

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