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On this day… my recap of the Team McAllen Time Trial


Solid week of training! I’m pretty pleased. I think what I’m most impressed with is that this last year, I was blessed enough to be able to focus on my training and not have to go to an office to work. Now that I’ve started working again, albeit the office is still very flexible with me, I was successful in fitting in my workouts, work, meetings, volunteering with the Colonoscopy Assistance Program 5k race, attending my son’s all-city honor band performance and taking my other son to his karate classes. Ok, laundry didn’t get done one day but like my missed workouts… I got it done the next day.

Balance is a tricky talent. But even more important than mastering a balance in your life, the ability to adaptto any situation, obstacle or interference is critical… not only in training … but in life.

That is what my mother…

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