Expert Advice for Ironman Texas 70.3 novices

It was obvious he was placing maximum effort in trying to show interest, understanding and offer his expert advice…

“How long you been training for your race?” He asked.

All my life – I said to myself

“I started running four years ago and then graduated to triathlon three years ago and just gradually worked myself up to this distance over the last year,” I replied.

“Oh then you’ll do just fine. I ran the Hog Dash two years ago without any training and that was like… What… About thirty miles or so… And it had obstacles and boobie traps… Whew! Now THAT was tough but if I could do that then you can, too.” He said proudly. “You just gotta keep telling yourself that you can do it. That’s the real battle there. You can do it.”

“Yep. You are so right! I just have to remind myself to believe in my abilities.” I told him.

He may not have known much about what a triathlon or half Ironman or Ironman consists of (or the Hog Dash either) but clearly he knows what it takes to finish one. 

Thank you dear stranger. 


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