What is your ONE thing?

I know… I know… I’ve been silent for a while. It’s been on purpose for a number of reasons. Mostly so I can re-focus on my ONE thing.

Long story short (hah! as if I could actually tell a short story!!!): Girl sets goal. Girl reaches goal. Girl talks about how others can reach their goals, too. Girl gets injured. Girl gets stalked/bullied. Girl fails at next goal. Girl gets back up and does it all over again. Tada! (* notice that I didn’t say “the end”?)

A lot of my family, friends, employment and workout dynamics have changed dramatically and as a result, so has my routine, perspective and goals. My promise has remained in tact as has my faith. I do believe that my destiny and journey have not changed nor have they ended. On the contrary, both have been fiercely burning in me.

I tested a theory. Prayed for guidance and then stayed in silence to listen, observe and understand. And then it happened. Not sure what to call it other than enlightenment? fate? the next chapter?

Unsupportive, negative and toxic people in my life all of a sudden were magnetized together and all went off on their merry way. Now, let me be clear: there will ALWAYS be good and bad in my life and in yours. But in this circumstance, the destruction that this group caused was completely beyond just me. They took down (or attempted to) not only my credibility and ability but that also of a worldwide causes credibility and ability to help millions of people in need. I don’t think their minds have understood what they did. For that, I pray for them.

“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”

I desperately want to go back and help BUT part of this theory is the title of this entry.

I have a new job (remember it’s taboo for me to talk about that on here) BUT I read a few books by the company’s founders and it dawned on me that the theory they touted as the reason for their success was the same daily practice I implemented while training for my marathons, triathlons and century ride. And if I really thought about it, I also did this for my pageant successes, too! What they said made sense. Doh!

And so now… I focus on my one thing. What’s your one thing? Figure it out. Because it works!

The McAllen Marathon Scott Crane Memorial 5k

So how did I do? Still not going to talk about my times or distances BUT I will disclose that I met and broke my goal time and went back to make sure that another runner (who is just beginning her healthy and fit lifestyle) finished with a positive mind and a bigger goal. And she did just that! So to all those runners who yelled at me for going back again, now you know. It’s not my race and not about me. And it sure felt good to test my legs/hips/back and pass.





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