Falling Slowly

Sometimes a story needs to be told again. The author needed to remember how it felt to ride well, strong and fast even when she fell and after fully expecting to be flattened by that 18-wheeler on that beautiful morning three years ago. I am doing really well on my trainer but I can’t seem to transfer that same ability onto the road again. Call out to other cyclists… how do you deal with the anxiety of road cycling? I have less than 10 weeks to get over this. Your help and advice is appreciated.


My big ride this week was an 80-miler scheduled for early Saturday morning. Funny how I had planned all week going over route after route and getting advice from all the local experienced bicyclists… and I ended up not doing any of the discussed routes!!! But everything worked out in the end.

Here’s how it went:
3:45 alarm blares. I smash it into snooze oblivion.
3:50 alarm blares again. Ok Ok!!! I’m up! I’m up!
4:10 I’m all dressed, teeth are brushed and hair is braided back. I grab my garmin and the two lights charging in my office. I get my water bottles out of the kitchen. I make my coffee and bagel and say a cuss word when I see that someone ate all the peanut butter!! (I’m not nice in the morning)
4:30 I put air in the tires, attach the lights, pack my chomps, gu and…

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