Back to Normal

After months of therapy with the Martin family of Chiropractors and Drs. Joey and Sandra Cadena with Physiosports Therapy, I do feel much better… I can rotate my right leg out. It’s still tender but I can rotate it now. Doc said I’m still not released to run though. It’s amazing how much weight I lost when I started running. It’s even more amazing how much weight I GAINED when I stopped running. Cycling and swimming are great… but there’s something miraculously slimming about running.

Last week, by accident, my hip popped back into place when I was home. It was awesome!!!

They’ve been alternating different treatments on me: Graston and ART. This is after they push and pull my body this way and that way until the appropriate number of crackles are acquired and then they hook me up to my three-a-week shock treatment, cold jelly ultra-sound and then a 10 minute massage.

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