How it all started (Part II)

I’m reblogging this entry because I talk about my “WHY” all the time, not just for you but also for me – so i don’t get all caught up in the competition of things and stay grounded in my journey. Lately, I’ve been getting an unusually larger amount of questions on how to get started. So rather than typing the same thing over and over, I’m going to take the lazy way out and reblog this very important entry that gets overlooked too much. Make the decision. Don’t quit on yourself. Surround yourself with support. Tell your doctors (plural)… yes, all of them. Find something you like to do and go do it. Be active and don’t stop. Simple, right? I’ll see you out on the trails 🙂


So now you’re up to speed on WHY I’m running and WHY I can’t stop since you’ve read that last post from yesterday.

Now the question goes to HOW did you start actually RUNNING?

Two friends of mine had already planted the seed in my head. It just made sense to do what they did.

Berenice running for Mimi

Berenice and Paige had both dedicated their runs with Team in Training to my mother and to Sissy. I’ll be honest, I was really intimidated. They were both athletic, slim go-getters. I was a flabalanche. But a promise was a promise and I wasn’t about to back down. Sissy meant too much to me and deep down, I knew the reason she wanted me to do this was nothing but good for me.

So I made the phone call to the local LLS/Team in Training office and left a message. I don’t remember what I…

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