Pink is my favorite new color

Being the only girl in my family (no sisters, no female cousins, no aunts other than through marriage or adoption), I was literally the princess of the family. And everyone knows that all princesses in fairy tales wear pink and glitter and satin ribbons and ride beautiful white horses. I was no different…. well, I didn’t have a horse but I did have a beautiful great dane named Sheba which is basically the same thing!!!  My bedroom furniture was painted pink. My bed spread, curtains, sweat pants… all pepto bismol pink.


Even my bridesmaids wore pink … and not just any shade of pink… but the shades of pink that every proper Southern Belle must have – thanks to the book/play/movie Steel Magnolias – Blush and Bashful.


However, after marriage… all traces of pink were removed from my castle.

Pink was a girly color and as the world’s lessons pounced upon me, it was instilled in me that pink was soft and cuddly not strong and powerful. And I wanted to be strong… not weak.  And that stuck with me. I never ever wanted to be weak. I wanted to be strong. Rwarrrr!!! So no pink for me!!

But it went further than that… even listening to the singer, Pink, sing her songs annoyed me. I saw her as weak. Her songs were filled with lyrics that I felt were of dysfunctional relationships.  And I certainly didn’t want that either… so I was never a fan.

And then this happened….

And then I connected…

Fat? Really? Pink is FAT???? Wow, I wish I could be that fat. Good lord, what has become of us? So brave and judgmental behind the power of social media.

So what was it that made me connect with her?

She went to an event to honor her friend who has cancer and people were more interested in her weight gain instead of the honor of her friend that she admired.

In the times that I have attended events in honor of my mother and wanted to honor her accomplishments or do my crazy events to raise money and/or awareness for cancer research/treatment/laws/etc… the haters didn’t pay any mind to the issue at hand… they just cared about the pictures to criticize if there was evidence of cellulite or discredit with photoshop if it was too perfect.  For a while, their comments stung. For a while, I let them get the best of me. For a while, I got over it and began to blow them off. And for this while… I understand and connect with Pink.

“So, my good and concerned peoples, please don’t worry about me. I’m not worried about me. And I’m not worried about you either,” Pink continued. “I am perfectly fine, perfectly happy, and my healthy, voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off. Thanks for your concern.”

pink 1

I am now a fan and cheering her on. Move away from the fat shaming and concentrate on the wonderful people who are fighting and beating cancer.

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