Polka dots

Last year I had an event scheduled every weekend to motivate me to keep pushing forward. The adrenaline, motivation, enthusiasm was freakin awesome!!!!! And it showed!!!!

This year, I’ve competed in ONE event. It’s already May and boy does it show, too!!!

Not very happy about it since this weekend is the Jail break, Pedal to Padre, cyclovia on the island, SB250 training, and so many other that I’ve missed. I missed all the Time Trials and all the Crits. This is all chipping away at my motivation.

About a month ago, my bike guru hooked me up with Zwift – so I wouldn’t miss out on training like I have been missing my events. All this time I’ve been messing with it, trying to get it hooked up to my computer and I couldn’t get it just right.  In frustration, I would jump on my bike and just pedal. No Zwift no computer readings, no zilch, no nada, no nothing… Just me, my frustration, my spotify playlist and my Mimi. 

Last night, after a tough day at work and coming home to no clear stress relief, I went at it again. AND GOT IT RIGHT THIS TIME!!!!

I got about 6 miles recorded on Zwift!! There I was on screen, me and my orange bike and my orange jersey… RIDING!!!

No sag needed, no tire changing kits needed, no worry about being hit by a drunk driver or someone texting and driving. 

I was riding!!! Free!!! 

Riding in my office at home 😦

Oh well… I’ll have to imagine the wind against me, the scent of orange blossoms and sounds of sugar cane as I whizz by. 

So in the thrill of finally being in the game, I oedaled as fast and as hard as I could. And I saw my name… It was on the side board and jumped up one level and another and another… Before I knew it… My orange Z jersey I was wearing disappeared and was replaced with the QOM Polka Dot jersey!!!! 

Yes!!!! Woo whoop!!! 

QOM = queen of the mountain

That means I took top ranking!!! I had to stop my ride after just one loop because I had to take my son to piano lessons. But I’ll be back.

Try to fit in workouts when life allows it. Sometimes life is good and sometimes you just have to work with what life gives you. 


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