Remembrance Ride for Eddie Arguelles…my first ride of the year.

The Spiritually Awakened Artist

Ride for Eddie Arguelles

Even though it’s been almost a year since Eddie Arguelle’s passing, our cycling group and cycling community is still trying to cope with the loss of a cycling buddy. A loss that was unnecessary and for which we may never fully reach that last stage of grief…acceptance. Today was the Eddie Arguelles Remembrance Ride 19 that was organized by his wife, Monette, and Crossfit friends as a fundraiser for Easter Seals. Many cyclists from all over the valley came out to ride and honor his memory. I usually don’t like to ride during the first two or three months of the year due to the cool weather, but I had to make a very special exception. It was my first ride of the year, but this time without my friend Eddie.

First ride of the year for us was all about catching up to the group. Fun ride - Eric Jimenez (Left to Right) Arlene, Irma (me), and Eric. First ride of the year for us was all about catching up to the group. Fun Ride. – Eric Jimenez

Today’s ride was nice and…

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