Sole Survivor

As a way of remembering why I do what I do, I’m going to reblog some of my most special moments that have carried me along my journey. The messages that I have written in and have learned from are lessons that go far beyond just running marathons or triathlon or century bike rides… they are lessons for living life in a happy and healthy way.


I spent Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning with over 200 young ladies at a nearby local high school. The organizer had called me up after receiving some recommendations from the other speakers she had lined up that week as well. The week long seminar was designed to empower these young female students with leadership and life skills by providing a personal testimony of our own examples and an inspiring speech. Honestly, I was floored.

Me? Wow!

The topics divided up into the various days were: education and awareness, physical and mental fitness, health and beauty

I had a blast. Of course, I got choked up when I spoke to the girls about a few parts but made sure to emphasize the silver lining of it all… after all, it was supposed to be an inspiring talk – not a sob story and not a braggart story – but a story that…

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