Pay it forward and after

It was pretty overcast and a bit windy today during my morning run. I stayed up late and drank some “demon fluid” – which is something I rarely do!!! I knew it’d affect me in my run today, so I did as much as I could without making myself nauseous. After each mile, I’d stop and do 100 crunches. At about mile 4, the sun poked some rays around the clouds and so I reached over above my head for my sunglasses.


My glasses are pretty special. They’re ORANGE – of course because of my Momma. And they’re Oakley. And they’re LiveSTRONG so the profits made from the sale of those glasses went to help someone who has cancer. Those glasses are not the most beautiful or flattering… But they mean a whole lot to me and I wear them at all my races now.

The thought of losing them destroyed me!! I quickly used the power of my Facebook and made a cry for help to all my friends.

Within minutes… And just a few blocks away, a runner friend jogged up to me with a huge smile on his face. “I saw these by the water fountain and knew they had to be yours. They’re orange and no one rocks orange better than you do. Keep it up. I’m rooting for you.”


I finished my run feeling so blessed. I have a wonderful life!!!!!

And then just as I got into my car at Jack in the crack, I noticed a lump of clothing by a tree nearby. It was a homeless man shivering in the morning cold.

Ya…. You know me by now. I believe it was a sign. I pay it forward a lot but I had just found my glasses and need to pay it back with gratitude.

I went into jack in the box and got him a juice and breakfast croissant and placed it by him.

There are about 7 runners who went slowly by me wondering what I was doing. Kinda cool when I saw it show on their faces that they understood immediately and gave me that nod of approval.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday … But it’s me that scored the big one already šŸ™‚



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